Fixation with… Nudie Jeans: The Swedish remedy for a broken heart

I fell in love. But it wasn’t love at first sight; I found these jeans on the high street, and they showed little personality early on. But then, over time, their cold black faded to a tender greenish-grey (something like Pantone 445) and their stubborn skinny fit softened. We were together almost every day for two years, sharing adventures. They meant the world to me.

Then the holes appeared, and they started busting at the seams. Some people don’t mind, but it tore me apart. After several attempts to patch things up, I came to terms with the fact that our relationship had fallen to pieces.

I get attached to things. It’s a condition, and I’m always on the lookout for remedies. I remembered a denim repair shop I’d walked past in Soho, and decided to investigate.

nudie jeansThe shop belongs to Swedish denim brand Nudie Jeans. Nudie believes in preserving the things you love and that are worth looking after, encouraging customers to repair, reuse and recycle their 100% organic cotton jeans.

Love in store

I was charmed. Hanna, a Swedish beauty, sat at a sewing machine in the window, casually mending a small mountain of well-worn jeans. The store takes in between 10 and 20 pairs each day, and for those who don’t live near a shop, Nudie offers to send a repair kit free of charge.

The atmosphere inside was like one of those semi-populated hipster saloon bars that you never want to leave; all soft lighting, humming folk music and friendly chatter. Downstairs in the fitting area, Tyson, the attendant, offered me perfect sizing advice as we shared tips on fixing our favourite things.

I walked out of the store wearing a new pair of jeans and popped into a neighbouring shop, where the merchant happened to be wearing a pair of Nudie Jeans too. It was like I’d joined a club of people who get attached to things. I’m not alone anymore.

I’m excited to get my first fix, although the jeans are so well made I’m not sure when that’ll be. In any case, I know this is going to be a long-term relationship. And if, one day, we grow apart, I know I can take them back to the shop for 20% off a new pair. They’ll wash and fix the old ones before selling them back in the shop second-hand, so someone else can fall in love.