The First World Problem Store is curing what ails us

first world problem storeYou know what it’s like. You’re in the middle of Shazam-ing that great song that came on while you were sipping a macchiato on holiday in Amsterdam when the cafe’s wifi cuts out. Argh! Now how are you supposed to Instagram this moment with a perfect caption?

Luckily, earlier this month, a pop-up shop opened in the city with remedies for just these sorts of vexing problems. The First World Problem Store will sell you a jar of Always Super Wifi pills, and much else besides. Morning multitasking making your breakfast soggy? Grab a pack of Keep Your Cereals Forever Crunchy. Annoyed about having to reach for the remote so often? Ask for a bottle of Hear TV Whilst Eating Chips.

The store’s wide range of “daily drama solutions” and “don’t need it, but want it” medications are 100% peppermint, 100% placebo. And 100% of profits from the pills go toward providing HIV medication to people who can’t afford it.

Run by the Dutch Aids Foundation, Aids Fonds, the store uses design and humour to give the lucky few a fun, easy and relatable way of helping solve a very real problem for many more. Around 35 million people worldwide have HIV, and more than half of them don’t have access to life-saving drugs. Even if you can’t get to the shop, you can buy the products online.

So go on, treat those club night nerves with some Travolta Moves and Perfectly Timed Jokes. And once you’ve sorted out your wifi issues, grab yourself a packet of Instagram Followers so you can help even more people access both medication and your cleverly captioned coffee shots.