#thisisthoughtful: A little experiment


Illustration by Daniel K. Patel at dkpcreative.com

Today is the start of something new.

Every day, our readers are discovering thoughtful people, places and things that are both design-driven and mission-led. So we started thinking…

What if we collected these finds in one place, and then shared them with all our readers? Would they want to connect with and be inspired by other creative, forward-thinking people?

Here’s how it works:

If you spot something thoughtful, share the link or photo in your favourite social media channel along with a short description of what makes it thoughtful, and tag it #thisisthoughtful.

We’ll collect all these posts on our new community page, repost our favourites on Twitter and Instagram, and showcase the very best in our monthly newsletter.

Some of our readers, including the lovely people at Plumen, Snact and Trendwatching, have already started using #thisisthoughtful.

It’s a little experiment, and we hope it works. It’s up to you to take part, and it’s up to us to keep evolving #thisisthoughtful as a platform for creativity and generosity, recognising all that’s thoughtful in lifestyle, design and culture all over the world.