A Penny For Your Thoughts: Guerrilla Generosity

Thoughtful projectsIt’s a time for giving. So today we launch Thoughtful Projects, random acts of thoughtfulness that leave things a little better than we found them.

Our first project, A Penny for Your Thoughts, has us putting loads of origami envelopes all over London, each filled with a lucky penny, and each encouraging whoever finds one to pass on the good fortune.

By encouraging people to pay it forward, we hope each envelope passes a bit of kindness and generosity from coffee shop to office to public transport and beyond.

Ultimately we hope thousands of generously filled envelopes will find their way into charity buckets, tip jars, busker boxes and anywhere else they’re needed. And not just in London, but all over the world.

That’s where you come in! Wherever you are, you can get involved—all you need is a printer, some spare change and this nifty envelope template.

If you fancy, take a picture of your creation wherever you left it, and share it on social media using #thisisthoughtful. We’d love to know who’s getting involved, and where. There’s a prize in store for the most creative and generous post between now and Christmas.

If it’s true that small things can make a big difference, then we hope this little project does just that. And we hope you’ll help us spread thoughtfulness around this holiday season.

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