Thoughts from the editor: The STREET issue

Sitting at a window two stories up in the centre of London is a great way to take in life on the street. Cars, bicycles and scooters all jockey for position at the intersection. On one corner a convenience store, on the other a boutique. A café sits across from a dentist office. People rush, people stroll, people argue, people hold hands. Here a dog, there a pigeon.

There aren’t many things that belong to all of us, but the street is probably one of them. By and large, we’re pretty good at sharing it with strangers. We do what we need to do and let others do the same. We go places and let others go their way. We live and let live.

Maybe that’s why so many of us naturally take to the streets when we’re uneasy. There’s nothing like a long walk to make you feel calmer, nothing like a spirited march to make you more hopeful. The latest quarterly issue of Thoughtful is all about the creative and productive power of the street.

It’s no doubt a source of inspiration. We talked to people who use it as a springboard for creativity and a canvas for their art. From music to photography to food, the street is a muse for those who want to make things that make an important point. All the things we’re wishing for this spring are a product of the streets.

The street has always had an influence on culture, and will increasingly have an impact on technology. Many are hoping their presence in the streets will have an effect on politics too.

As always, a talented and generous group of contributors—writers, photographers, artists, chefs and musicians—made this issue possible. If their work is up your street, please share it with your friends. Thoughtful is nothing without those who love what we do, spread the word, and help build a vibrant community. Thanks for being part of it.

Daianna Karaian, April 2017

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