Hunt Thoughtful: A daily scavenger hunt for the good in the world

As much fun as a baby coati.


I haven’t seen a coati in a while.

You know the coati, the Central and South American cousin of the raccoon: curved snout, the tail of a lemur. This isn’t surprising of course as I live in London (aka ‘not the natural realm of the coati’). So I shouldn’t really complain. Not that I’m complaining you understand, just observing.

But if I were to find myself complaining, then there’s actually a relatively quick fix. London Zoo is home to eight brown-nosed coatis. Or, closer to my South London home, Battersea Children’s Zoo can offer three of the ring-tailed variety (Honey, Peanut and Treacle). I’d just have to go and see them. Buy a ticket, wander in, give them a wave. Because they are out there. Even 8,000 odd miles from their spiritual home. Not to mention strewn across the internet and in the archives of many a nature documentary.

I think finding the good in the world is a bit like that. Too often it feels like the good stuff is passing us by. We know it’s out there of course—why would we keep going if it wasn’t?—but it’s often outweighed by the bad. Or at least the unhelpful and mediocre.

And when we’re denied our coatis (or capybaras, or whatever else it is you relish) we slow down a bit, drop into a lower gear and become a slightly greyed-out version of ourselves. Which is sad. And which is why I built the Twitter bot @HuntThoughtful, to help buck the malaise while having as much fun as a baby coati jigging about her furry fuzzy business.



Hunt Thoughtful is a daily scavenger hunt for the good in the world, aimed at people with not quite enough time and not quite enough energy to rail around in full time grin-gunning mode. It lives on Twitter and presents a simple challenge each day: three tasks to try and complete that will help you hunt out good, thoughtful and otherwise life affirming things. Some you will keep for yourself, some will make a much wider impact. All of them are things you can do without special skills, deep pockets or an entirely clear schedule.

It’s a challenge to set yourself if you’re driven by the dopamine hit of completing the next level. It’s a playful approach to making positive steps each day. It’s a simple way to keep yourself topped with thoughtful ideas you can unleash whenever the mood takes you. It’s an experiment. Enjoy…

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