Thoughts from the editor: The SLOW issue

This issue of Thoughtful magazine launches as 2018 winds down. Actually, I’m not sure “winds down” is the right expression. Maybe it’s something about the cold weather, but December seems to thrust most of us into a mad rush. We hurry to buy things we don’t need because they’re on sale for one day only. We sprint to meet a heap of unreasonable deadlines before the holidays. We scurry about town seeking the perfect thing for someone who really doesn’t want more things. We dash around the kitchen cooking more food than anyone can possibly eat. Then we quicken the pace in the new year to keep up with all our resolutions.

I call time out. Speed has become too important a measure of human activity. More and faster isn’t always better. Most of us are too busy and too tired. We have too much and we’ve had enough. Life is short—we need to slow down to notice it, appreciate it and enjoy it.

This issue is all about valuing experience, journey and process over outcome, destination and output.

In the thirty years since the start of the Slow Food movement, almost every other facet of life seems to have adopted an unhurried version—slow travel, slow fashion, slow media, slow consumption. And not a moment too soon, if you ask me. It’s about time we took our time—paused for a moment to think about the things we make, do and buy, and made smarter, better, more sustainable choices. There are plenty of opportunities for, as Carl Honoré in his book In Praise of Slowness puts it, “Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible.”

Over the next few months, we’ll take you on a leisurely tour of slow living. We’ll guide you toward products that last a lifetime and help you take a little time out. We’ll show you how to map out and move through the city at your own pace. And when you’re ready to put your feet up and take it easy, we’ll provide the soundtrack.

A talented team of contributors took their time to put together this well-crafted issue of Thoughtful magazine. So grab yourself a drink, take a break and enjoy it.

Daianna Karaian, December 2018

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