Thoughts from the editor: The CONNECT issue

It’s often said that creativity is all about connecting the dots. Take at least two different ideas, smush them together, and out comes something even better. But just because you made something new, that doesn’t make it worthwhile—consider venetian-blind sunglasses or pogo stick share schemes.

Too often, creativity destroys—health (hydrogenated fats), wealth (subprime mortgages), the environment (plastic coffee pods)—more than it creates. For creativity to do more good than harm, we need to think more carefully about the connections we make.

It’s hard to go wrong when people from different cultures connect by listening to each other, finding common ground and simply being kind. Whether from different countries or just opposite sides of town, sharing food is one sure-fire way to bring people together.

On the other hand, alcohol gets more credit as a social lubricant than it deserves. And like booze, money has a way of eroding our closest relationships too. Sometimes we can feel like we’ve even lost touch with ourselves—in those moments, spending time in nature is a great way to reconnect.

In this issue of Thoughtful magazine, you’ll find a variety of perspectives on the idea of connection, plus our usual themed playlist and wishlist. What links everything together is the incredible talent and generosity of the team of contributors who helped put it together. Find out more about them, connect with them, and see what truly great things you might create with them too.

Daianna Karaian, June 2019

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