Incantation (We are healing our sister)

A poem by Roshni Goyate, 1/4 of the performance group 4 Brown Girls Who Write


Here is heartbreak, in the heart of our circle

Walls made of triangles, walls made of light (Triangles of light)

Here is heartbreak, heavy-hearted heartache

Waiting to be healed


Sisters, we are healing; we are healing our sister


Hold a mirror up, see ourselves in the heavens

Indiscreet healing, open skies, good heavens

Show her she is heaven, show her she is nature

Show her this is natural (Show her healed)


Triangles of light dance 
at her feet (At our feet)

 drawn long from her feet (From our feet)

Dancing shadows from our feet
 begging to be played

Feel our skins blur
 draped across thunderclaps


Clap, clap, thunderclaps, smack, smack, boom bap,

Gusts brought forth
 from our thunderclaps

We know each other, we are each other

We know one another (We are one)


See how we are healing

See her heart opening

Pleasure starts in our hearts

We start in the heart

(We open our hearts)

Here is her heart 
Here is pleasure

Here is healing
 She is healing

She is we We are she We are one

We are heaven

We are healing, sister We are healing.


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Photo credit: Jessica Felicio