Uprising: Photos documenting the anti-Trump movement

My first rally was the ‘Love Rally’ in New York City the day that Donald Trump was elected. People were milling around with placards, a little unsure what to do. But there was a general feeling of love in a community that was in shock. The next day, I joined the thousands of New Yorkers who marched up 5th Avenue determined to be collectively heard in their stand against the newly elected president. It felt right to be a part of this movement, important to stand up and, in my own way, document the brave people that stood beside me. 

From the Women’s March in Washington to the weekly protests in New York City, the following months saw the movement grow and people come together in solidarity to express their views on inequality, women’s rights, climate change, healthcare and immigration reform.

Since moving back to the UK, I’ve enjoyed the British party spirit at recent marches and protests against Trump’s visits—even when relentless in their defiance, Brits are determined to have a good time. London’s streets have been filled with witty placards, sounds systems and plenty of dancing.

Although there’s still a very long way to go, it makes me happy to see people marching toward a safer and fairer existence. I’m always particularly moved by the younger marchers, and as a mother I can only wish for a brighter and more compassionate world for our children to grow up in—no matter where they live.

12 November 2016
Not My President March
New York City


20 January 2017
Women’s March
Washington, DC


21 January 2018
Time’s Up Rally


4 June 2019
Trump State Visit Protest



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