Thoughtful defined in haiku

We asked the Twittersphere, “What does thoughtful mean to you, in haiku”? These were the responses that most caught our attention.


The world is awesome
Find joy everywhere you go
Be kind, be thoughtful

A thoughtful gesture
A kind word or helping hand
Fosters greater love

I am so tired
My thought glass is half empty
Please make it thoughtful

Another morning
Dawns, coffee percolates slow
Thoughtful expression

Toilet seat is up
I left it that way because
I was not thoughtful

Your eyes; full of dusk
And thoughtful silence, while mine
Still dance with the sun

Sitting and staring
With an assumed thoughtful look
Makes a great disguise

You were too quiet
Gave you a kiss on the cheek
Thoughtful smile emerged

To be thoughtful, is
To say you are worth the time,
To stop and think first

Big thanks to @gaelwelstead and @baffled for getting things going.