Thoughts from the editor

Welcome to Thoughtful. Thanks for stopping by. We’re only just getting started. Here’s how and why it all came about.

I’ve always liked having nice things.

Great design, good food, exciting travel…they make me happy. But looking around my home and my life, there was always a little something inside me wondering…are the things I buy as beautiful inside as they are on the outside?

It isn’t always easy to live the lifestyle you want while leaving the world in better shape than you found it. Too often, we’re asked to compromise on quality and style. Or feel hoodwinked by brands we don’t trust. Or worse, talked down to by the holier-than-thou.

I think we all deserve better. That’s why I’m so excited to be starting Thoughtful.

There’s a growing tribe of makers, designers and visionaries trying to do more good than harm, to solve more problems than they create, and to do it all with a style and aplomb that’s irresistible. And there are legions of people who want to live well, in every sense. Thoughtful is for all of them. 

We all deserve better.
No lectures,
no compromises,
no collateral damage.

I’m building our cracking team of creative contributors and supporters who want to spread stories about Thoughtful lifestyle and design all over the world. If you fancy that, get in touch.

No lectures, no compromises, no collateral damage.

Let’s make it easier for us all to live Thoughtfully.