Danko Stjepanovic

bow mission

Street life: The timeless message of the Bow Mission mural

I took a wrong turn. Drawing a map from memory, I’d accidentally wandered down a street cutting south from Bow Road to the green wall of trees lining the cemetery. On the right, white and brown new builds; on the left, an older brick brown block dragging like a tail behind the tower of the Methodist church. On a tall windowless… Read more →

home photo essay

Photo essay: Burning down the house

“So I chose the place where I wanted to live, but I have also chosen the language I wanted to speak.” Vera Linhartova, from Encounter by Milan Kundera   • As 1992 slowly dragged itself from autumn into winter, I started discovering Pearl Jam, cigarettes and Northern Exposure. I’d just left a city of around half a million for a small… Read more →