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street playlist

A playlist inspired by the street

Streets. The street you grew up on, and the street where you no longer live. The street you chose when leaving, and the street you needed to return. The street you took to in protest, or they paraded upon like a perverse catwalk for military might. The curious street signs in foreign lands and the local ones you no longer… Read more →

pizza dough

Street food: A recipe for pizza, the perfect vehicle for leftovers

Having just spent the better part of two weeks working at Maltby Street Market—which, in my opinion, is one of the best things about London, and if you’ve not yet been you need to—I’ve been immersed in the world of street food. Street food, for me, is reflective of a city’s soul. A street food vendor is generally product specific,… Read more →

thoughtful fix wishlist

Wishlist: A curated set of items for getting your fix on

What could be more thoughtful than mending, repairing and improving things that are broken, forgotten or neglected? Creatively designed and compassionately made, here are a few tools to (and things which) do just that. Get stuff fixed Get fixed stuff Fix yourself Get your fix Photo credit (header): Lachlan Donald Read more →

fix playlist

A playlist to banish bad moods, boredom and much else besides

Sometimes things break, and that’s sad, but the act of fixing them can be its own kind of therapy, and build character in the process. This collection cycles through the stages, from despair to repair. Click on individual songs, or listen to the entire playlist on Spotify and   Follow Jason on Twitter at @jkaraian.  Photo credit: Ted Major (header); 24hourmoon (featured) Read more →

home playlist

A music playlist to make you feel at home

There’s something nostalgic about the thought of home, so it seemed appropriate to make a mixtape—a peaceful playlist to while away the time at home, or transport you there if you’re feeling homesick. You can listen to it on Spotify or   Photo credit: Ted Major (header); Tom Woodward (featured) Read more →

compost cake

A recipe for homemade Compost Cake

Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it. Do you trust me? I love juices. When I’m craving something sweet, when I’ve eaten too much cake the days prior, when I just need some fruits and veggies and I need them fast, or straight up when I feel like a healthier option. But what pains me, every time, is the amount of food waste… Read more →

thoughtful souvenirs

The art of finding souvenirs

A trip. A journey. A venture to a foreign land. When we travel to new places, to wander through unknown streets, to watch uncharted landscapes pass, to sit in unfamiliar cafés, we become transformed, transfixed, transported. How do we bring something back which preserves this experience? Our souvenirs tell us about ourselves, reminding us of who we have become because of the places we’ve… Read more →

mint octopus

Slowly eating England: Mint, octopus and a European union

I’ve been a bit lax on the gardening front during the first half of this year, so have been falling back on those hardy perennials—rhubarb, oregano, rosemary, nasturtiums—that continue to flourish year on year, regardless of a complete absence of loving care. Mint is one of those herbs that grows in abundance, but I struggle to find many ways of using.… Read more →


Five questions for Snact, saviours of surplus

Snact is on a mission to make beautiful snacks out of ugly fruit. We asked founders Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon to tell us more about this masterful makeover.    How are you changing things for the better? We use surplus fruit to make our snacks. Surplus is produce that would otherwise be discarded for being too small, too big,… Read more →

wishlist play

How to change the world by playing video games

Once upon a time, video games were (or at least many of us assumed they were) the preserve of adolescent couch potatoes. Many followed the same basic script—fight some bad guys, collect some trinkets, save a princess. A lot has changed in the decades since I first held a joystick, and I’m not just talking about the technology. More and… Read more →


Uneins: Setting a new trend in fashion by avoiding fashion trends

Some people desperately want to be part of the crowd. They look at what everyone else is doing and do their best to fit in. And then there are those who purposefully stand out, making every effort to be different. Linda Förstner, Sarah Grohé and Alex Atanasova—cofounders of luxury fashion label Uneins—are from the latter camp. Uneins in German translates as ‘un-one’… at… Read more →