Read the Autumn 2016 HOME issue all about how to create a thoughtful home.

home museum

Museum of You: The objects in our homes say a lot about us

There’s a part of me I leave at home every day. It sits on the bookshelf in my bedroom. It’s a little brass rabbit. It used to sit above my grandmother’s fireplace, one of a set of four or five. As a child I was always drawn to it—the littlest one in the group—and I can’t remember if I slipped… Read more →

home photo essay

Photo essay: Burning down the house

“So I chose the place where I wanted to live, but I have also chosen the language I wanted to speak.” Vera Linhartova, from Encounter by Milan Kundera   • As 1992 slowly dragged itself from autumn into winter, I started discovering Pearl Jam, cigarettes and Northern Exposure. I’d just left a city of around half a million for a small… Read more →

goldfinger factory

Goldfinger Factory: A place to call home

The sea of pavement in front of Westbourne Park underground station is a dull grey; the sky, peppered with mist and threatening rain, a grey haze. Down the road, the Regents Canal is mottled flecks of silver. There are grey faces, grey hoodies. Tiny specks of colour—laundry hung on balconies to dry—punctuate a looming grey hulk of concrete. This is… Read more →

home playlist

A music playlist to make you feel at home

There’s something nostalgic about the thought of home, so it seemed appropriate to make a mixtape—a peaceful playlist to while away the time at home, or transport you there if you’re feeling homesick. You can listen to it on Spotify or Playlists.net.   Photo credit: Ted Major (header); Tom Woodward (featured) Read more →


The perils of a homeless soul and a soulless home

Home isn’t something we think about so much as sense. We smell some combination of clothes drying, onions frying and flowers dying. We hear the dog’s scuffling paws on the bare floorboards and anticipate the creaks as we stumble through corridors half asleep. We see the stains on the walls, the cracks in the ceiling and think, “I ought to… Read more →

compost cake

A recipe for homemade Compost Cake

Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it. Do you trust me? I love juices. When I’m craving something sweet, when I’ve eaten too much cake the days prior, when I just need some fruits and veggies and I need them fast, or straight up when I feel like a healthier option. But what pains me, every time, is the amount of food waste… Read more →

world in london

Want to travel the world without leaving home? There’s an app for that.

Ed Hewitt was travelling from Bangkok to Birmingham on an overland journey along the Silk Road when he wondered: Why do we need to be thousands of miles from home to feel a sense of adventure? Why can’t we bring the thrill of travel into our everyday lives? Ed Gillespie was on a flight-free voyage around the world when he had the same… Read more →