Thoughtful projects

The world could use more guerrilla generosity—random acts of thoughtfulness that leave things better than we found them.

That’s why all our Thoughtful projects are ‘open-sourced’. We post them here so that anyone, anywhere can participate using just a printer, some paper (recycled would be nice) and a little creativity.

Below are our past projects, and the next one’s coming soon. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about it first.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Our first project had us putting loads of little origami envelopes all over London in the lead-up to Christmas. Each contained a penny and a note encouraging people to be generous and pay it forward. We invited our readers to get involved too. All they had to do was:

  1. Find a penny (a lucky penny, if you will).
  2. Download, print and fold this nifty envelope.
  3. Put the penny in the envelope.
  4. Leave it somewhere. Somewhere someone who needs a bit of luck might find it.

From The Netherlands to New York, Canada to Colombia, Moscow to Manila, people were making and finding envelopes, and sharing pictures of them on social media using #thisisthoughtful. Innovation super-site PSFK even wrote a story about it!

Huge thanks to our friends at Unreal, the brilliant creative agency that helped develop the idea and design for this project.

Got an idea for a future project? We’re all ears.