Read the Spring 2017 STREET issue all about street art, food, photography and more making a positive social and environmental impact.

street protests

The long march: Photos documenting the street protests in America

The United States is witnessing a wave of activism and resistance the likes of which it hasn’t seen in a long time. For months, people have been taking to the streets, marching and speaking out on issues as diverse as women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare, the environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion and workers’ rights. Following the US… Read more →

smart cities

Smart cities: A runner’s perspective

Being a fairly typical 40-something with a sedentary job, I’ve done what any sensible middle-aged man fearful of an expanding waistline and narrowing arteries would do—I started running. Mainly, I run to work. Most mornings I can be seen dodging cars and pedestrians as I make my way through the centre of London to my office in Soho. Running gives… Read more →

street light

Street light: A photo essay about hope shining through the dark

Humans have always been drawn to the light. It’s a source of hope and security. I like going out in search of it, challenging my own perception of areas I wouldn’t usually go—streets that could be perceived as a little dangerous, especially at night. Searching for the light in these places, I find scenes full of unexpected colour and life, of… Read more →

street playlist

A playlist inspired by the street

Streets. The street you grew up on, and the street where you no longer live. The street you chose when leaving, and the street you needed to return. The street you took to in protest, or they paraded upon like a perverse catwalk for military might. The curious street signs in foreign lands and the local ones you no longer… Read more →

bow mission

Street life: The timeless message of the Bow Mission mural

I took a wrong turn. Drawing a map from memory, I’d accidentally wandered down a street cutting south from Bow Road to the green wall of trees lining the cemetery. On the right, white and brown new builds; on the left, an older brick brown block dragging like a tail behind the tower of the Methodist church. On a tall windowless… Read more →

pizza dough

Street food: A recipe for pizza, the perfect vehicle for leftovers

Having just spent the better part of two weeks working at Maltby Street Market—which, in my opinion, is one of the best things about London, and if you’ve not yet been you need to—I’ve been immersed in the world of street food. Street food, for me, is reflective of a city’s soul. A street food vendor is generally product specific,… Read more →

urban hound

Urban hound: What a dog taught me about city living

For years, my daily after-work stroll around the neighbourhood provoked a great desire to share life with a furry four-legged friend. Visits to the local park left me longing after other people’s pets. But the apartment block where I lived at the time boldly stated ‘no pets allowed’. Fast forward a couple of years, post-apartment living. My daily walks are… Read more →