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Uneins: Setting a new trend in fashion by avoiding fashion trends

Some people desperately want to be part of the crowd. They look at what everyone else is doing and do their best to fit in. And then there are those who purposefully stand out, making every effort to be different. Linda Förstner, Sarah Grohé and Alex Atanasova—cofounders of luxury fashion label Uneins—are from the latter camp. Uneins in German translates as ‘un-one’… at… Read more →

worn wear

Fixation with… Worn Wear: Adventures in stitching and patching

The adventures we go on make us who we are, be that urban wanderer or outdoor explorer. In his formative years, Peter Julber scrambled up mountains and rafted down rivers in the wilds of Oregon. He was tough on his gear, and sometimes it just didn’t hold up to the challenge. So he started designing and sewing his own. Now… Read more →

wishlist plenty

Daughter of Jon: Epic Icelandic fashion inspired by adventures at sea

The weather was calm, a fell-wind blew by night, a sea breeze by day. One evening Egil sailed out to sea, but the fishermen were then rowing in to land, those, to wit, who had been set as spies on Egil’s movements. They had this to tell, that Egil had put out and sailed to sea, and was gone. One… Read more →


Tangent GC: How to care for the clothes you care about

I recently visited the local shoe repair place, where my receipt came with this little nugget of wisdom: Shoes worth wearing are worth repairing. Amen, shoe repair place. I’d left in their care a very special pair of leather boots. A pair that’s taken me on various trips around the world, dutifully matching every outfit, weather type and music genre… Read more →

fischer voyage

Fischer Voyage: A quest to discover luxury in the American Midwest

Steven Fischer’s life took a sharp turn in 2012. A former business school professor, he changed his career more radically than most of his students. He told me about his journey from academia to luxury goods, and what his $10,000 leather bag says about the rediscovery of American craftsmanship. I was travelling in autumn 2012 when I came across a… Read more →

thoughtful man

The rise of the thoughtful man

A real man isn’t afraid to show that he cares. About his friends and family, or his romantic interest. About social issues, or what he eats and how he looks. Today, more than ever, a man can wear his feelings on his sleeve, quite literally. Thoughtfully-made menswear is very much in fashion. Above the belt Arthur & Henry makes formal and… Read more →

nudie jeans

Fixation with… Nudie Jeans: The Swedish remedy for a broken heart

I fell in love. But it wasn’t love at first sight; I found these jeans on the high street, and they showed little personality early on. But then, over time, their cold black faded to a tender greenish-grey (something like Pantone 445) and their stubborn skinny fit softened. We were together almost every day for two years, sharing adventures. They… Read more →


Gamine: Jeans for ladies who like to get dirty

Every good gardener knows not to put plants in pots that don’t fit. Too big and they get waterlogged. Too small and it stunts their growth. Taylor Johnston, a horticulturist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, knows this better than most. But when it came to suiting up for work, she didn’t follow the good-fit rule. So when she saw… Read more →


Gandys: The brothers building orphanages one pair of flip flops at a time

Rob Forkan was 13 years old, and his brother Paul 11, when their parents took them out of school for a family adventure. To expose them to other cultures and teach them the importance of humanitarianism, mum and dad sold the family home in London, packed up the two boys and their younger siblings, ages 9 and 5, and set… Read more →


Cherchbi: A mountain sheep, a man purse and a journey across the British Isles

For more than a thousand years, Britain’s hardiest mountain sheep have grazed in the hills of Cumbria in northwest England. Beatrix Potter, the children’s author and Peter Rabbit creator, kept a herd of the ancient breed. Last year, the Lakeland Herdwick’s prized meat was granted Protected Designation of Origin status by the European Commission, much like Champagne or Parmigiano-Reggiano. But the sheep’s fleece is… Read more →

Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse: The design duo giving new life to old heroes

After 25 years of active duty saving lives in dangerous situations, they’d been unceremoniously cast aside. But Kresse Wesling saw that there was plenty of life left in them. She rescued the old London Fire Brigade hoses destined for landfill, and put them back to work. Wesling sees beauty in the rejected and discarded. She started Elvis & Kresse with… Read more →