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connect without alcohol

Make friends with sober: How to connect with people without alcohol

Choosing to be alcohol-free no longer means you’ve signed up to sit home alone drinking tea.   I have a confession to make, I don’t love drinking. I’ve never been a big drinker. While I drank plenty—in college, when I studied abroad, in my twenties—most of the time, I didn’t like. it. I didn’t like how it made me feel.… Read more →


Slow food: How to savour life like a Spaniard

Eat food that’s good, clean and fair.   In recent years, there’s been a glut of recipe books to help us cook meals in 30 or—god forbid—15 minutes; with five ingredients or just three. Food in a hurry; grub on the go for busy people. In our time-poor world when we all seem to be in constant competition as to who… Read more →

season's bounty

Season’s bounty: How to make spicy plum chutney, from PYO to plate

Make the most of plentiful produce this autumn.   As our lives become more and more urban, it’s easy to lose touch, quite literally, with our food. Fruit comes plastic wrapped, breakfast is in boxes, and whole meals are nestled in a single container—or delivered, ready cooked, on the back of a motorbike. We’re shrouded from the natural aromas of… Read more →

pizza dough

Street food: A recipe for pizza, the perfect vehicle for leftovers

Having just spent the better part of two weeks working at Maltby Street Market—which, in my opinion, is one of the best things about London, and if you’ve not yet been you need to—I’ve been immersed in the world of street food. Street food, for me, is reflective of a city’s soul. A street food vendor is generally product specific,… Read more →

compost cake

A recipe for homemade Compost Cake

Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it. Do you trust me? I love juices. When I’m craving something sweet, when I’ve eaten too much cake the days prior, when I just need some fruits and veggies and I need them fast, or straight up when I feel like a healthier option. But what pains me, every time, is the amount of food waste… Read more →

mint octopus

Slowly eating England: Mint, octopus and a European union

I’ve been a bit lax on the gardening front during the first half of this year, so have been falling back on those hardy perennials—rhubarb, oregano, rosemary, nasturtiums—that continue to flourish year on year, regardless of a complete absence of loving care. Mint is one of those herbs that grows in abundance, but I struggle to find many ways of using.… Read more →


Five questions for Snact, saviours of surplus

Snact is on a mission to make beautiful snacks out of ugly fruit. We asked founders Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon to tell us more about this masterful makeover.    How are you changing things for the better? We use surplus fruit to make our snacks. Surplus is produce that would otherwise be discarded for being too small, too big,… Read more →


Slowly eating England: In praise of sourdough

My name is Debbi and I’m a Breadaholic. Or, as I prefer, a Bread Head. Many disapprove of people like me. Over a third of US adults now actively avoid gluten, passing on the bread basket in the belief that it’s unhealthy. The free-from diet is gaining followers this side of the pond too. Guys, unless you’re in the estimated… Read more →

fig tarte tatin

Slowly eating England: Fig tarte tatin

I know that this series is called Slowly Eating England, but I hope you’ll forgive me if this particular article draws inspiration from somewhere a little warmer. Twelve years ago, I moved back to England from Spain, having only just planted a spindly sapling fig tree there. Every year, I return to where the tree has since taken over the… Read more →

courgette pasta

Slowly eating England: Courgette, lemon and feta pasta

To be honest, I’ve never been that wild about courgettes. Yet this year I find I have a growing crush. It seems I’m not alone: the current trend for turning courgettes into pasta-like “courgetti” by putting them through a spiraliser, has sent sales of what our American cousins call “zucchini”—which I always think sounds so much more appealing—soaring. Me, I’d… Read more →

runner bean

Slowly eating England: Firing up the runner bean revolution

The runner bean must surely be due a revival. Whilst kale and cauliflower now grace the most hipster of dinner tables, albeit often transformed into something quite other—crisps, say, or “couscous”—the humble runner never seems to quite make the cut. Perhaps that’s because, for many, runner beans conjure up memories of granny’s roast dinners, where the vegetables had all the… Read more →

cherry bakewell

Slowly eating England: Cherry bakewell

I’m a big fan of food that encourages, nay obliges, you to get messy. Sticky barbecue ribs, doughnuts, chicken wings—things that end up all over your hands, face and shirt; these are the foods I love. And cherries. Have you ever tried to eat a bag of cherries and not ended up looking like you’ve been punched in the mouth?… Read more →