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hunt thoughtful

Hunt Thoughtful: A daily scavenger hunt for the good in the world

As much fun as a baby coati.   I haven’t seen a coati in a while. You know the coati, the Central and South American cousin of the raccoon: curved snout, the tail of a lemur. This isn’t surprising of course as I live in London (aka ‘not the natural realm of the coati’). So I shouldn’t really complain. Not… Read more →

rubik's cure

Rubik’s cure: The healing power of play

A Rubik’s cube helps one boy fit all the pieces of his life together.   Our son Julian was born bright—he talked and walked early, put words together in new ways, but seemed to find the world a perplexing place. “Turn off the dark,” when he was afraid, “Turn on the heatiator,” when he was cold. He was clingy, wouldn’t… Read more →

wishlist play

How to change the world by playing video games

Once upon a time, video games were (or at least many of us assumed they were) the preserve of adolescent couch potatoes. Many followed the same basic script—fight some bad guys, collect some trinkets, save a princess. A lot has changed in the decades since I first held a joystick, and I’m not just talking about the technology. More and… Read more →

never alone

Never Alone: When Inuit oral tradition meets 21st Century technology

The vast emptiness of the Arctic tundra is no place for a little girl. But Nuna is no ordinary child. The Alaskan native, a skilful hunter, has sneaked away from her village to find the source of a persistent blizzard threatening her home. Not long after setting out, alone and exhausted from trudging through the snow, she awakens a ferocious… Read more →