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#thisisthoughtful: A little experiment

Today is the start of something new. Every day, our readers are discovering thoughtful people, places and things that are both design-driven and mission-led. So we started thinking… What if we collected these finds in one place, and then shared them with all our readers? Would they want to connect with and be inspired by other creative, forward-thinking people? Here’s how… Read more →

urban countryside

The urban countryside: From concrete jungle to garden city

The smell of manure hangs in the air. In the distance, a rooster crows. A sow and her piglets over here, a goat over there, chickens everywhere. And just over the fence, a decaying Victorian warehouse, windows dusty and shattered, walls splattered with graffiti. Hackney City Farm is a quirky patch of countryside in the middle of one of London’s most urbanised… Read more →

urban hound

Urban hound: What a dog taught me about city living

For years, my daily after-work stroll around the neighbourhood provoked a great desire to share life with a furry four-legged friend. Visits to the local park left me longing after other people’s pets. But the apartment block where I lived at the time boldly stated ‘no pets allowed’. Fast forward a couple of years, post-apartment living. My daily walks are… Read more →

playful prompt

A playful prompt

Inspired by a great little project we’d heard about, we decided to have a bit of creative fun. We put it to our readers to respond to a one-word prompt with a photo, drawing, video, link, story, anything relating to the prompt. The prompt was PLAYFUL. And here’s what we got… Knits for Life – Yarnbombs bring colour to the cityscape The Little People… Read more →

Sentimental City_Feature image

Living in a sentimental city

Italo Calvino’s seminal book Invisible Cities is a collection of dreamlike short stories about cities visited by the traveller Marco Polo. One of these stories is about the city of Zaira, where he recalls the longing of romantic places one cannot forget. Calvino writes: I could tell you how many steps make up the streets rising like stairways, and the degree… Read more →

Daianna Karaian guilty pleasure - Thoughtful

Guilty pleasure

Nobody’s perfect. We all have our little transgressions. I’ll be the first to admit it. My guilty pleasure: these raccoon earmuffs. I bought them while visiting my in-laws one Christmas. We were in Santa Fe, shuffling along the icy old town square, calling on the usual shops and galleries to keep warm. And just like every other year, I couldn’t… Read more →