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thoughtful cannes 2018

Postcards from Cannes, the world’s biggest playground for creativity

Beyond the beach and booze, is there a more thoughtful side to the Cannes Lions Festival?   If you have anything to do with brands, marketing or advertising, your social media feeds may have recently been filled with snaps of rosé, yachts and people drinking rosé on yachts. The occasion? The annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. After years of… Read more →

alistair hall

Q&A: Monster shopkeeper and designer Alistair Hall on the question of play

When he’s not running a general store for vampires, werewolves and zombies, Alistair Hall is creating award-winning design for the likes of Penguin Books and The National Trust at his studio We Made This. I asked the co-founder and art director of children’s literacy charity Ministry of Stories and its fantastical shop Hoxton Street Monster Supplies to share his thoughts on play.     How does the idea… Read more →

holly tucker

Q&A: Holly Tucker MBE on the question of plenty

Too many high streets are characterised by big, bland boxes that pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap. Although physically there’s a lot there, they feel empty. It’s what Holly Tucker calls the “grey world of business.” And it’s why she founded online marketplace notonthehighstreet.com a decade ago and, just this year, Holly & Co—to shine a light on the… Read more →


Five questions for Snact, saviours of surplus

Snact is on a mission to make beautiful snacks out of ugly fruit. We asked founders Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon to tell us more about this masterful makeover.    How are you changing things for the better? We use surplus fruit to make our snacks. Surplus is produce that would otherwise be discarded for being too small, too big,… Read more →

sas petherick

Underground poet: An interview with Sas Petherick

When you’re trapped beneath a passenger’s cheesy armpit on a summer’s day, it can feel like there’s no escaping the hell of a London commute. But author Sas Petherick found a unique approach: choosing a random stranger on her train carriage, and writing a haiku about them. She tells Thoughtful how this small daily act changed her life and became… Read more →

sophie howarth

Shopkeeper of the mind: An interview with Sophie Howarth

The glare of fluorescent lights and an overpowering scent of perfume welcome you to most department stores. Not so at the Department Store for the Mind, a retail concept responding to the rise of ‘mindfulness’ with clean, calm, thoughtful design. Online and in the occasional pop-up, it sells products to help you reflect on your thoughts and emotions. I sat down with… Read more →

fischer voyage

Fischer Voyage: A quest to discover luxury in the American Midwest

Steven Fischer’s life took a sharp turn in 2012. A former business school professor, he changed his career more radically than most of his students. He told me about his journey from academia to luxury goods, and what his $10,000 leather bag says about the rediscovery of American craftsmanship. I was travelling in autumn 2012 when I came across a… Read more →

Lauren Bass

An Ohio farmer turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Lauren Bass didn’t work at a big bank or consultancy before going to business school. She was a professional horse rider. Her background helped her think creatively, and provided the inspiration to start LolaBee’s Harvest—the Bay Area’s first online farmers market. She tells Thoughtful about the bittersweet experience of starting a business that customers loved, but that struggled to gain… Read more →

Thoughtful defined by lucy langdon - THOUGHTFUL

Thoughtful defined by Lucy Langdon

We asked writer Lucy Langdon, “What does thoughtful mean to you?”   I close my eyes. Look inwards for a beat and see myself. The master puppeteer. From every breath I take to every move I make, my mind pulls the strings. And I want a mind that’s honest, first and foremost with itself. I want one that pays attention, and watches… Read more →