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Uprising: Photos documenting the anti-Trump movement

My first rally was the ‘Love Rally’ in New York City the day that Donald Trump was elected. People were milling around with placards, a little unsure what to do. But there was a general feeling of love in a community that was in shock. The next day, I joined the thousands of New Yorkers who marched up 5th Avenue… Read more →

street protests

The long march: Photos documenting the street protests in America

The United States is witnessing a wave of activism and resistance the likes of which it hasn’t seen in a long time. For months, people have been taking to the streets, marching and speaking out on issues as diverse as women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare, the environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion and workers’ rights. Following the US… Read more →

street light

Street light: A photo essay about hope shining through the dark

Humans have always been drawn to the light. It’s a source of hope and security. I like going out in search of it, challenging my own perception of areas I wouldn’t usually go—streets that could be perceived as a little dangerous, especially at night. Searching for the light in these places, I find scenes full of unexpected colour and life, of… Read more →

home photo essay

Photo essay: Burning down the house

“So I chose the place where I wanted to live, but I have also chosen the language I wanted to speak.” Vera Linhartova, from Encounter by Milan Kundera   • As 1992 slowly dragged itself from autumn into winter, I started discovering Pearl Jam, cigarettes and Northern Exposure. I’d just left a city of around half a million for a small… Read more →