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rise playlist

A playlist you’ll want to turn up to 11

Raise the volume on these songs while you plot how to stick it to ‘the man’ (no offence, chaps). Click on individual songs, or listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.   Follow Daianna on Instagram at @daianna.thoughtstarter.  Photo credit: Ted Major (header); Finland Lakeland (featured) Read more →

connect playlist

A music playlist that really connects

Can anything be more important than connecting—with people, with places, with emotions, with memories and with feelings? (Apart from Leeds United getting back into the Premier League after fifteen long years in the doldrums, obvs. Oh… and treating the planet with a bit more care.) I hope you connect with this music. Click on individual songs, or listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.… Read more →

slow playlist

A music playlist to help you unwind

There’s nothing like a slow song to get you to loosen up and calm down. So here’s a soundtrack for whenever you want to press pause on life for a little while. Click on individual songs, or listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.   Follow Albert on Instagram at @albertnarath.  Photo credit: Ted Major (header); Nan Palmero (featured) Read more →

play playlist

A playlist you’ll want to play all day

There are many ways to play. Children play carelessly, threading worms on a string, keeping spiders in their pockets. Grown-ups play to escape their workaday weeks. They wait for their horses to come in (twenty-fucking-five to one!), and they yearn for the weekend and with it the opportunity to dance, and make a little love. There are dangers, too. When… Read more →

plenty playlist

A playlist you’ll never get enough of

I made this thoughtful compilation to pull at the loose ends of a musical muddle which reflected my state of mind. Then I broke my ankle. I was in a transitionary period in my work life. I had said “yes” too many times. I was racing around without a compass. A message arrived to stop and reflect—a snap to slow… Read more →

street playlist

A playlist inspired by the street

Streets. The street you grew up on, and the street where you no longer live. The street you chose when leaving, and the street you needed to return. The street you took to in protest, or they paraded upon like a perverse catwalk for military might. The curious street signs in foreign lands and the local ones you no longer… Read more →

fix playlist

A playlist to banish bad moods, boredom and much else besides

Sometimes things break, and that’s sad, but the act of fixing them can be its own kind of therapy, and build character in the process. This collection cycles through the stages, from despair to repair. Click on individual songs, or listen to the entire playlist on Spotify and Playlists.net.   Follow Jason on Twitter at @jkaraian.  Photo credit: Ted Major (header); 24hourmoon (featured) Read more →

home playlist

A music playlist to make you feel at home

There’s something nostalgic about the thought of home, so it seemed appropriate to make a mixtape—a peaceful playlist to while away the time at home, or transport you there if you’re feeling homesick. You can listen to it on Spotify or Playlists.net.   Photo credit: Ted Major (header); Tom Woodward (featured) Read more →