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Connecting the dots: How to solve bigger problems with better creativity

Commercial creatives are learning to get to better solutions faster by partnering with mission-led startups.   What happens when you combine a social mission with commercial ambition? It’s a question that’s fascinated me for ages. For me, there’s no inherent conflict between purpose and profit. In fact, given the influence it has on every aspect of our lives, I think… Read more →

thoughtful cannes 2018

Postcards from Cannes, the world’s biggest playground for creativity

Beyond the beach and booze, is there a more thoughtful side to the Cannes Lions Festival?   If you have anything to do with brands, marketing or advertising, your social media feeds may have recently been filled with snaps of rosé, yachts and people drinking rosé on yachts. The occasion? The annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. After years of… Read more →

Penny for your thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts: Guerrilla Generosity

It’s a time for giving. So today we launch Thoughtful Projects, random acts of thoughtfulness that leave things a little better than we found them. Our first project, A Penny for Your Thoughts, has us putting loads of origami envelopes all over London, each filled with a lucky penny, and each encouraging whoever finds one to pass on the good fortune. By encouraging people… Read more →