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slow consumption

The cure for impulse buying? Slow consumption

Buying fewer, better things can help you lead a more fulfilled, less wasteful life.   “Don’t care how, I want it now!” Looking back, I have the uncomfortable feeling that as a child I might have channelled a bit of the irredeemably entitled anti-heroine Verruca Salt. My parents, being rather more British than normal British people (due to the fact… Read more →

goldfinger factory

Goldfinger Factory: A place to call home

The sea of pavement in front of Westbourne Park underground station is a dull grey; the sky, peppered with mist and threatening rain, a grey haze. Down the road, the Regents Canal is mottled flecks of silver. There are grey faces, grey hoodies. Tiny specks of colour—laundry hung on balconies to dry—punctuate a looming grey hulk of concrete. This is… Read more →

sophie howarth

Shopkeeper of the mind: An interview with Sophie Howarth

The glare of fluorescent lights and an overpowering scent of perfume welcome you to most department stores. Not so at the Department Store for the Mind, a retail concept responding to the rise of ‘mindfulness’ with clean, calm, thoughtful design. Online and in the occasional pop-up, it sells products to help you reflect on your thoughts and emotions. I sat down with… Read more →

first world problem store

The First World Problem Store is curing what ails us

You know what it’s like. You’re in the middle of Shazam-ing that great song that came on while you were sipping a macchiato on holiday in Amsterdam when the cafe’s wifi cuts out. Argh! Now how are you supposed to Instagram this moment with a perfect caption? Luckily, earlier this month, a pop-up shop opened in the city with remedies for just… Read more →

ministry of stories

Ministry of Stories: Inspiring the next generation of writers through fear and panic

The streets of east London can be intimidating. Gritty and grey, even without rain, it’s no surprise Jack the Ripper called it home. In fact, if you’ve been anywhere near the area over the past few years, you might’ve heard the distant rumble of a very disgruntled person. I once dared to follow that rumble, and it took me to… Read more →