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hunt thoughtful

Hunt Thoughtful: A daily scavenger hunt for the good in the world

As much fun as a baby coati.   I haven’t seen a coati in a while. You know the coati, the Central and South American cousin of the raccoon: curved snout, the tail of a lemur. This isn’t surprising of course as I live in London (aka ‘not the natural realm of the coati’). So I shouldn’t really complain. Not… Read more →

smart cities

Smart cities: A runner’s perspective

Being a fairly typical 40-something with a sedentary job, I’ve done what any sensible middle-aged man fearful of an expanding waistline and narrowing arteries would do—I started running. Mainly, I run to work. Most mornings I can be seen dodging cars and pedestrians as I make my way through the centre of London to my office in Soho. Running gives… Read more →

patchwork present

Patchwork Present: How to crowdfund the gift you really want

All Otis wanted for his birthday was a red bike. But his mum Hannah couldn’t quite afford it. Generations ago, she would have gone around the neighbourhood asking for contributions from family and friends. But over time the traditional ‘whip round’ became taboo. Except, for some reason, when it comes to weddings. So, inspired by wedding registries (but not wanting… Read more →

world in london

Want to travel the world without leaving home? There’s an app for that.

Ed Hewitt was travelling from Bangkok to Birmingham on an overland journey along the Silk Road when he wondered: Why do we need to be thousands of miles from home to feel a sense of adventure? Why can’t we bring the thrill of travel into our everyday lives? Ed Gillespie was on a flight-free voyage around the world when he had the same… Read more →

LED bulbs

A bright idea from Japan is changing how we see the world

If anyone ever told Shuji Nakamura to stop trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s a good thing he didn’t listen. This week, he and two other Japanese researchers, Hiroshi Amano and Isamu Akasaki, won the Nobel Prize in Physics for what amounts to reinventing an equally fundamental device. By creating a blue LED, the scientists have given scores of other innovators a… Read more →