All who worked hard on Thoughtful magazine’s FIX issue


Daianna Karaian, Founder and editor
Daianna is on a mission to help thoughtful, creative people learn from and collaborate with each other to do world-changing work. As part of her midlife crisis, she has started learning aikido and the cello. @daiannatweets

Matt Morgan, Cover designer
Matt is the founder and creative director of branding and communication agency Fact, working to help clients have a positive impact in business. When he is not working, his time is spent with his young family or friends. @Factstudio

Kate Sinclair, Writer and designer
Kate was almost a doctor, then she wrote a viral article about how becoming a doctor would be selling out, and after several years of drifting, she became a graphic designer—sort of. She has no pets, but there are moths living in some of her sweaters. @KateSinclair1

Polly Noakes, Writer and illustrator
Polly is a published illustrator living in the New Forest, UK, and a graduate of the prestigious MA in Children’s Book Illustration, Cambridge School of Art. Her latest book The Very Long Sleep, will be published by Child’s Play International in September 2017. @pollymnoakes

Jessica de la Chesnais, Writer
A previous fashion stylist turned social psychology postgrad, Jess is dedicated to transforming a derelict French chateau into an energy-efficient community-led space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, digital nomads and freelancers to cocreate, work on their own projects and focus on self-development. @chateau_de_la_salle_

Marie Lefebvre, Writer
Marie is a Ph.D candidate at Loughborough Design School studying Repair and Design for Sustainable Behaviour. She also runs Leicester Fixers, helping people repair their electrical items. When she’s not repairing, she’s growing food and encouraging others to do so through the Crop Club. @thisismarlefeed

Jason Karaian, Writer and editor
Jason is a journalist based in London. He normally covers business, finance and economics, but sometimes strays into music and sport. If you are a finance director, know a finance director, or are simply interested in what finance directors do, buy his book. (The book is about finance directors.) @jkaraian

Robbie Dale, Creative consultant
Robbie is a creative director and writer based in London. He helps clients on interesting ways to engage with new audiences, and thinks the world would be a better place if we were all a bit more curious. @todaydothis

Special thanks to Craig Mawdsley, Phil Rumbol, all those who’ve provided feedback, support and encouragement from the start, and everyone else who made the FIX issue possible.

We like to live well,
and we want to make good.

So we’re building a movement of creators who want to make things better, by making better things.

We are enterprising people who are making a living by making a difference. Fixers and makers who see treasure where others see trash. Artists changing hearts and minds to change the world. Designers, builders and storytellers who want to create the future today. Forward-thinkers who think there’s a better way of doing things.

We want the things we make, do and buy to give us pleasure, not guilt. We want to do work that’s both mission-led and design-driven.

We are creative. We are generous.

We are Thoughtful.

Sponsoring Friends


thoughtful contributors sponsors fix

Sugru is a mouldable glue on a mission to help the world get fixing and customising again, to make stuff last longer and work better. It moulds like play-dough, sticks to almost anything, and is super-durable. It’s used by loads of clever people from engineers in international space programmes to Himalayan explorers to the team at Thoughtful.


thoughtful contributors sponsors fix

Elvis & Kresse designs bags, belts and wallets using reclaimed materials laden with story and character–like decommissioned fire hoses, disused parachute silk and old auction banners. Fifty percent of the profit from its celebrated fire hose range is donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.


thoughtful sponsors fix

Fundament is a multi-disciplinary design collaborative based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name Fundament is the Danish word for foundation, representing a solid platform for creating meaningful design. They work across design, architecture and urban design, and are makers of the hand-crafted, FSC-certified Sedeo meditation stool.

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