All who worked hard on Thoughtful magazine’s STREET issue


Daianna Karaian, Founder and editor
Daianna is on a mission to help thoughtful, creative people learn from and collaborate with each other to do world-changing work. As part of her midlife crisis, she has started learning aikido and the cello. @daiannatweets

Lyndsey Knight, Cover artist
Lyndsey is a British illustrator and designer. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. She’s obsessed with painting animals, cycling really fast and trying to be a yogi. @lyndseyrknight

Torz Dallison, Photographer
Torz is a documentary and street photographer from the UK who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Happiest when shooting on the street, her work is a collection of observations as she wanders through the city and through life. @torz_d

Marc Curtis, Writer
Marc has been an intensive care nurse, a programmer, founder of a production agency and is now Head of Innovation at TMW Unlimited. His love of tech extends into hobbies like beekeeping, mushroom hunting and photography—all of which he’s tried to make better with technology (with mixed results). @exmonkey

Modulus III, Musicians
Modulus III operate under one rule: Every performance is entirely improvised. No preparation. No safety net. It is the purest, most dangerous place to make music and precisely why Andrew Morgan (synths / cello), Dan Moore (synths / rhodes) and Matt Brown (drums) choose to call it home. @modulusiii

Danko Stjepanovic, Writer and photographer
Danko is a London-based photographer. He’s covered war, conflict and social topics for French agency Sipa. A great opponent of multitasking, he’s either reading, taking long walks or longer rants. He misses making fire. @danko_s

Peter Clarkson, Photographer
Peter is a graphic designer and photographer based in London. When he’s not designing, he’ll most likely be found outside with a camera, exploring the streets. @_peterclarkson

Chloë Stewart, Writer and chef
Chloë is an upcycler of leftover foods and creator of no-waste recipes. Her food draws from a multicultural background and desire to eat her way around the globe. Blogging, catering bespoke events and launching pop-ups around London, she’s on a mission to fight food waste, one plate of ‘bestovers’—best leftovers—at a time. @nibsetc

Robbie Dale, Creative consultant
Robbie is a creative director and writer based in London. He helps clients on interesting ways to engage with new audiences, and thinks the world would be a better place if we were all a bit more curious. @todaydothis

We like to live well,
and we want to make good.

So we’re building a movement of creators who want to make things better, by making better things.

We are enterprising people who are making a living by making a difference. Fixers and makers who see treasure where others see trash. Artists changing hearts and minds to change the world. Designers, builders and storytellers who want to create the future today. Forward-thinkers who think there’s a better way of doing things.

We want the things we make, do and buy to give us pleasure, not guilt. We want to do work that’s both mission-led and design-driven.

We are creative. We are generous.

We are Thoughtful.


Supporting Friends


thoughtful contributors sponsors home

The House of St Barnabas is a members’ club challenging stereotypes and redefining the notion of exclusivity. Located in the heart of Soho, it’s a creative, vibrant space with a social mission—to break the cycle of homelessness and social exclusion in London through accredited qualifications, work experience, real job opportunities and mentoring in its on-site employment academy. And all the heritage, art and culture its members could want.


Last but never least…

Special thanks to Rowena Cumner, Kate Allen, Alice Sewell, Jason Karaian, Craig Mawdsley, Phil Rumbol, all those who’ve provided feedback, support and encouragement from the start, and everyone else who made the STREET issue possible.


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